Healthy Street Foods….The Art of Choosing Wisely!!

  • Preeti Naik

    Bsc Food Science and Quality Control, Msc in Dietetics and Food Service Management

  • Posted On June 09, 2017

Street foods are ready to eat foods and beverages prepared and sold by the local hawkers from market stalls in public places. These foods are popular due to less wait time, cheaper cost and are the tastiest options available at every nook and corner of the road.

The list of street foods is enormous and children are lured by their sumptuous taste. However,  most street foods are unhealthy considering their high calorie content, their unhygienic handling,  exposure to street pollution and use of unsafe water in making them.

Children love to eat street foods occasionally. Point is how we as parents can help the children choose healthy foods amongst the options available. The good thing about our Indian street food is the wide variety available to choose from, which can be actually healthy, if chosen wisely.

Our FitterFly Team of Child Nutritionists can help you with a quick overview of some of the yummy healthy street foods available which your kids can enjoy.

Opt seasonal food for children that appears on our streets every year - stuff that is meant to be eaten in a particular season. Some street foods can be modified to create a healthier version by customizing them.

  • Roasted Sweet Potato: These roasted sweet potatoes are served with a combination of chaat masala and lime juice.
  • Grilled corn on the cob (Bhutta): Warm, yummy and again easily available on streets. The corncobs are roasted on a hot coal stove and topped with some lime juice, salt and chaat masala.
  • Water chestnuts/singhada: Crunchy boiled singhada is sold by vendors served either plain or just with salt near railway stations or markets.
  • Cucumber Sticks: Sliced cucumber sprinkled with chaat masala, red chilli powder and salt works as an anytime filler.
  • Singh chana: Outside parks or while travelling it’s amazing to snack on these little healthy nuts that keeps us going when we want to eat but are not very hungry.
  • Chanajor garam/Hurda: These snacks are popular nationwide. Hurda is tender green jowar snack rich in fiber and B complex vitamins and is well balanced in their essential amino acid composition.
  • Sukha Bhel: Rice puffs light roasted in little oil, with addition of basic chopped veggies, some boiled sprouts, sev and groundnuts along with chaat masala make a great filling combination within minutes.
  • Parathas: These can be customized by having the vendor add less amount of oil/butter with different sorts of veggies that include methi, gobi, mooli, paneer, peas, etc.
  • Sandwich: This stuffed snack can be eaten plain/toasted and can be customized by adding healthy vegetables, selecting the bread type and controlling the portion size of butter/cheese.
  • Dhokla: Another excellent fermented and steamed snack for kids.
  • Dosa/Idli: The crisp, light dosas and the steaming idlis are must to have foods for each kid. Awesome as breakfast and mid-time snacks too!
  • Fruit Chaat: All time favorite fruit chaat with masala is loved by kids. Fruits being rich in anti-oxidants protect your children from infection and diseases.
  • Soaked chana/sprouts chaat: A combination of sprouts, onion, tomatoes, coriander mixed with lemon juice and chaat masala serves as a wonderful snack rich in protein and fiber.
  • Thirst-quenchers: Aam Panna, Jaljeera and Kokum Sharbat made with mineral water are available at certain places which can be chosen over drinks containing synthetic flavours

So, what are you waiting for…

Choose sensibly and let your kid relish every bit of these healthy street foods! 

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