Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Child Physically Active this 2018!

  • Preeti Naik

    Bsc Food Science and Quality Control, Msc in Dietetics and Food Service Management

  • Posted On January 21, 2018

Kids these days have their schedule packed and are busy with school, classes and all sorts of activities, which makes it difficult for them to be physically active each day. They generally don’t get a chance to run around in the house due to restricted space.  A park or a garden is a wonderful opportunity, but sometimes due to busy lifestyle or limited access it becomes difficult for us to take children to such places often.

The dilemma faced here is - how do we keep them physically active? The best way out is to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. Majority of a child’s day is spent at home which could be effectively utilized to create some momentum in their activity level. The energy of kids could be channelized by involving them in fun activities at home itself. If we want to integrate movement and exercise as a part of our child’s daily life, there are plenty of easy options that can be done right in your living room or as a part of your routine life.

Fitterfly highlights some classic tricks on how to be physically active by doing activities alongwith your child in tow ;)

  • Walk it up: For short distances, walk along your child to school if that’s feasible. That also calls for an active start in the morning and a great wake-up exercise for you along with your child! Family walks after dinner could be considered as a lovely family bonding time.
  • Climbing stairs: As often as possible, taking the stairs along with your little one can help you shed a few inches and keep your child physically active too!
  • Shake your body: Dancing is ‘THE’ fantastic exercise which involves fun and keeps body active.  Let your child dance to their favourite tune! Listen to the music and dance together.
  • Help with household chores: Housework could be fun for your toddler. Wanna know how…

Give them simple tasks like asking them to pass on clothes while you hang them up on drying stand, keeping back used dishes in kitchen sink or cleaning table before setting lunch/dinner. Even helping in arrangement of food plates eases out a parent’s work and definitely creates some kind of physical move for the child. Praising the child for the work done creates an extra interest and encourages the child to repeat the activity whenever asked.

  • Sneak work outs into other activites: It’s a lovely idea to have your toddler walk instead of riding in the shopping cart in the supermarket. Imagine how much of energy will they expend with this mini activity :)  Involve your child in gardening if you have a big lawn.
  • Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks:  It is advisable to limit TV time to make sure our kids don’t turn into couch potatoes.However, at times when allowed to watch,  advertisement slots could be utilized to do some jumps, squats, stomping or skipping moves in one place, keeping a count of them.
  • Parking cars a little far from the actual destination:  While travelling, try and park cars at a walkable distance and ensure you walk it up along with your child giving them chance to be physically active. At feasible times, ensure to also use public transport along with your child while travelling.
  • Use exercise as a filler: Your child is bored of doing homework…give them a break by allowing them to play their favourite game which involves movement..isnt that a wonderful way to get what you want your child to do!
  • Indoor games:  Always encourage children to play games that involve movement. Games like Hide and seek, follow the leader, throwing soft balls are the favorite ones to play. Age appropriate activities could be selected for your munchkin. An assortment of balls, hula-hoops and jump ropes also keep kids busy.

Toddlers could be kept engrossed in an obstacle course game- using pillows, small chairs or buckets as an obstacle and racing along with your child. Blowing up balloons and throwing them or trying to keep them off the ground is another such game which your little ones will surely enjoy. Pillowfights are also fun. Keep the focus on fun and exerting physically won’t be a task.  

It is important to note that children lead by example, hence it should be a foremost priority for you as parent to be physically active for them to follow the same.

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