Blossom Rodrigues

Bsc - Food and Nutrition, Post Graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics with specialization in Pediatric Nutrition.

With a Pediatric Nutrition background, Blossom is passionate about practices in infant and young child nutrition. Nutrition sessions with parents is her key area of interest. After working for over a year with severe acute malnutrition, she is well versed with clinical assessments and identification of malnourished children. Following International standards, she works with nutrition related projects for infants

Sip on healthy soups this monsoon...

  • By Blossom Rodrigues

For years soups have been great comfort food and one of the favorite ways of introducing vegetables in  our little one’s diet during the growing stages. Soups have a number of health benefits and thus it’s  important to introduce them in our child’s diet on a daily basis.    Soups offer a lot of health benefits    1.Nutritious meal options  Soups are a great way to pump in vege... Read more

  • By Blossom Rodrigues

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