What is the CBSE Mandate all about?

The Central Government has mandated through its circular that every child from std IX to Std XII has to undergo and complete health and fitness assessment. Further, every school is required to upload each individual child’s report on the CBSE website in pdf format.

Fitterfly takes care of these requirements in 3 easy ways

  • Fitterfly team completes the Health and Fitness Assessment at your school/s, prepares reports for CBSE and submits them on behalf of the school.
  • Fitterfly team does the Fitness or the health assessment and prepares relevant reports and submits them to school
  • Fitterfly team provides complete training to your school staff and provides an application which can be used by your school to capture and create the reports required for CBSE schools. This can then be easily uploaded to the CBSE website

Using Fitterfly services for your school helps in saving time, effort and ease of creating and maintaining records of every student of your school. It also allows comparison of data and trends on a year on year basis. Fitterfly follows stringent data and software protection guidelines and ensures compliance of these standards for safety and data privacy.

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