Why Fitness Assessment?

Physically fit and active kids are happy kids. Childhood obesity and inactivity are on a rise across the globe and these together can lead to higher risk of early onset of serious diseases. Also, a thin or underweight child may not mean that the child is fit or healthy.

Even a seemingly active or playful kid might be lacking fitness on one of the important fitness parameters. Hence, the journey of a child towards fitness should start with a comprehensive Fitness Assessment.

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Why Fitterfly Fitness Assessment?

Through the FitterFly Fitness Assessment Methodology, we help identify a child's personal health related fitness levels and provide individual feedback. Our tests conform to the standards defined in Fitnessgram, a fitness assessment program by The Cooper Institute, USA and followed worldwide by over 35000 schools and 10 million students every year. We also take the best from the standards of ALPHA-FIT test battery, widely followed in Europe. A detailed mobile interactive, web interactive or a pdf report is sent to the parent on the spot, immediately after the test is over.

What do we test in Fitness Assessments?

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity is a measure of stamina. It determines the cardiovascular fitness of the child i.e. how much a child can perform an intense activity or play without getting tired. It is measured by the maximum oxygen consumed by our body during intense exercises. High aerobic capacity is required for good performance in sports and is associated with higher life expectancy. On the other hand, lack of exercise in childhood can later on lead to serious diseases. Hence, aerobic capacity testing in children is the most important fitness test in our FitterFly fitness assessment methodology.

Musculoskeletal Fitness

Musculoskeletal Fitness

Musculoskeletal fitness is defined by the health of our bones, muscles and joints and is a combination of:

Muscular Strength is a measure of how much force our muscles can exert. It is the ability to lift a maximal amount of weight for one repetition. Handgrip test and Standing Broad Jump test measure muscular strength.

Muscular Endurance is a measure of how many times our muscles can repeat a specific exertion of force. It is the ability to lift weight lower than the maximum one can lift, as many times as possible. High levels of muscle endurance help in reducing injuries, improve stamina and sports performance. Curl Up test measures muscular endurance.

Flexibility is a measure of our overall mobility and the ability to bend. It is the range of motion available in our joints and denes their degree of normal motion. Back Saver - Sit & Reach test measures flexibility.

Body Composition

Body Composition

Body composition is a measure of our overall health and fitness level and is measured by calculating

Body Mass Index (BMI) provides an estimate of the appropriateness of our weight in relation to our height.

Body Fat % is the proportion of fat weight compared to the fat-free weight of your body. A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower proportion of body fat and a higher proportion of fat-free mass.

Electronic Reports & Recommendations for better fitness

Overall & Individual Score

Scoring done at test level, section level and overall level

What do the scores mean?

Interpretation of the score provided along with optimum score for child’s age & gender

Why is the test important?

We tell you the importance of performing well in each test


This sections tells you how to improve your score


Nutrition Assessments

Comprehensive nutrition analysis and consultation for children
  • 7 Day diary to be filled by parent or by the child
  • Our nutrition engine analyses all the vital nutrients essential for growth and development of children
  • The report generated adheres to ICMR reccomendations Personalised diet plans

Seminar For Parents

Parents are the gatekeepers for nutrition and hence health of their kids. Our nutrition seminars for parent groups help them understand how to give nutritious food to children for a healthy future

Workshop For Kids

What better than kids themselves understanding what good and bad foods are. Our nutrition team engages kids at schools and in other groups in a playful way to make them adopt healthy foods.

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